Tuesday, May 1, 2012


There have been many times where I have had to explain my ratings to others, so here are explanations for every possible individual rating that I could give to movies. I will link this to every new review I post.

0.5/4: Since I consider myself a fairly lenient person when it comes to enjoying movies, I don't see myself giving this rating very often or even at all. But if I do ever at any point give this rating, then the movie will have to actively be angering me to the point where even the few positives can't elevate it. Avoid at all costs.

1/4: Barely anything to recommend in a movie of this caliber. In movies with this rating, almost nothing is of notable quality, but the whole isn't awful enough to earn the lowest rating.
1.5/4: There are enough negative things to say for me to consider movies with this rating bad. However, there is usually a few positive aspects I found that provide mild entertainment.

2/4: This rating is usually for dull or bland movies that are mediocre and don't stand out, but don't contain enough negative qualities to actively dislike the movie. These movies can be best described as "meh."

2.5/4: These are usually movies I find fairly enjoyable and even recommendable, but have too many flaws to give a higher rating.

3/4: Indicates a very good movie that has a couple major flaws, or a plain good movie that doesn't have many big flaws but not enough aspects to earn the highest recommendation.

3.5/4: This comes with a high recommendation that should definitely be seen in theaters. There may be one big flaw that don't majorly hurt overall product or a couple minor flaws. Sometimes I may not have any notable problems, but the movie didn't have that "kick" to bump it up to a full four.

4/4: This is reserved for movies that appeal to me on a special level. They may not be the "best," but they give me a certain feeling of cinematic euphoria that appeals to my personal tastes, so don't be surprised if a highly acclaimed drama gets a 3.5 rating and a couple action or horror movies get a 4.

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